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Hydrated Lime

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Chemical Characteristics:

  • CaO 70-72%
  • MgO < 1%
  • SiO2 < 3%
  • Al2O3 + Fe2O3 < 1%
  • CO2 residual < 3%
  • Ca (OH) 2 > 92
  • Heavy Metals ppm


Physical Characteristics:

  • Grading Undersize 90 >92
  • Undersize 200 >98%
  • Apparent density 0, 5-0, 6
  • Color Off-white
  • Reactivity 120g sulfuric acid ( Neutralization Of pure acid for 90g hydrochloric acid 100g of lime) 160g nitric acid



  • Steel industry
  • Treatment of sewage bio-solids for municipal wastewater and industrial sludge
  • Water treatment
  • Reagent for chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries
  • Slurry treatment
  • Stabilisation of heavy metals
  • Soil stabilisation


Flue gas treatment:

  • flue gas desulphurization SO2, HCI, HF
  • Non ferrous metal treatment
  • Soil amendment
  • Construction


Product Packing:

  • Paper bags of 25 KG, Big Bag and bulk
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